~Sexy Ink

Anonymous: Had a dream that we went skinny dipping together :L Idk was weird cuz we don't talk to each other..

hahaha weird :D

Anonymous: Just curious, I heard you had a certain number of girls you wanted to sleep with last year, is that true?


Anonymous: do you like skinny or curvy girls

dont mind either :)


Model: http://www.facebook.com/Sarah0Sharks
Photo: http://www.facebook.com/aleks.szukala?group_id=0


Credit to Milo Sweet!

how fucking cute is she though

Anonymous: i always see you and luca around the school together and you too always look so cute . your always smiling and she so small and you tall so you would be perfect for each other . i dont know whats holding you back from asking her owt ! i think you would make one sexy couple

nawww this was cute :D
thankyou c:
i dont know whats holding me back either..

Anonymous: i love your beautiful brown eyes

i love yours more x

Anonymous: you and luca kissed ?


Anonymous: im in love with your hair <3

thaaank you :D

Anonymous: hi